Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Percy Jackson Series

by Rick Riodan

I really enjoyed this series.  It reminded me of the Harry Potter series, but with a twist of it's own.  I enjoyed the adventures that Percy and his friends took.  I wasn't going to read them at first, but since Nat has read them, and we have the movie from book 1, I decided... why not?  I also decided to read them, because of the kids.  We initially bought the books for them to read. 

I read these 5 books in between reading my other books for book club.  I think my favorite of the whole series would have to be the fifth and final book.  I think that the author had really ended the story well. 

I am now off to read The Lost Hero (Heros of Olympus), which is also by Rick Riodan.

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